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Angela Crawford, Ph.D., has been a passionate psychologist and a vegan for 23 years. Her journey to veganism started after watching a program on PBS about the harsh working conditions in a meat processing plant. Her curiosity led her to learn more about veganism and its connection to animal cruelty and health. With extensive training in NLP and Hypnosis, Angela believes that what we eat significantly impacts our energy and brain function. Her new book, about veganism, highlights her beliefs and mission to help others through her psychology background.

As a private and quiet psychotherapist, Angela found her true passion in veganism and wanted to make a difference. She started her private practice focusing on trauma, stress, anxiety, and grief but found it to be a heavy weight at times. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Angela felt grateful to continue helping others and now wants to bring her passion for veganism into her work. She is working on a new book and exploring the possibility of moving into group coaching and classes to help people thrive emotionally as vegans. With her focus on communication skills, she contributes to an organization called “We Did It Health,” which empowers people to promote veganism better.

Angela Crawford Highlights and Discusses:

  • Her journey, why she became a vegan, and how it impacted her life.
  • The connection between veganism, animal cruelty, and health.
  • How her background as a psychologist can be used to help people understand their food-related behavior and make healthier choices.
  • Her work with “We Did It Health” and her contribution to promoting veganism through education and communication skills.
  • Her new book and services related to veganism and her plans for the future.

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