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Shane Jeremy James​

Meet Shane Jeremy James, the visionary founder of Actions of Compassion. Their mission is to inspire people to become more self-aware and conscious and to use that awareness to create positive change in the world.

Shane believes that by developing higher levels of consciousness and compassion, we can unlock our full potential to make a meaningful impact. By becoming highly self-aware, we are better at recognizing how to more effectively make the most significant difference.

Shane is devoted to promoting compassion for all living beings, whether they’re humans, animals, or the environment. With almost 20 years of dedicated veganism under his belt, he firmly believes that every living creature deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

In addition to his advocacy work, Shane has traveled all over North America filming inspiring acts of kindness and compassion, helping those in need, connecting with humans and giving back. He’s a true embodiment of his message, and his dedication to creating a more compassionate world is truly encouraging.

If you want to get involved in Shane’s vision to create a more compassionate world, it all starts with you. By committing to self-improvement and developing a greater awareness of the world around you, you can help inspire others to do the same. Whether it’s through small acts of kindness or advocating for broader social and environmental change, every action counts.

Join Shane on his mission to create a better world. Together, we can make a difference.

Where Shane Got His Start In Business

Shanes’ journey started very early in life. As a youth, Shane would ask for a subscription to ‘Entrepreneur Magazine’ for his birthday and his deep level of passion for business has continued to this day.

Eventually Shane attended business college. From all the years of knowledge acquired through the magazines and his college education he was able to recognize a once in a life time opportunity. There was a small franchise coming out of the US: ‘Curves for Women’. He quickly began raising funds and was the first person to successfully bring the franchise into Canada. Having Indigenous Heritage (stemming from the Lakota Tribe), Shane acquired his first round of financing through the Aboriginal Bank of Canada, from his mother and most notably from his very own college professor! Shane was consistently among the top 10 of 10,000 of the most profitable franchises and would sell over 3 million dollars of memberships. The entire Curves franchise became a wildly successful company; achieving 4 billion in revenue in only 10 years. To put this in perspective, it took McDonalds and Subway 25 years to achieve those numbers. Within this time, Shane also wrote his first book: ‘Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight’. Because of the wild success of his first book he wrote 3 more: ‘Networking to Wealth’, ‘Prospecting, Closing & Persuasion’, and ‘The 63 Day Diet’. Shane went on to be featured on news outlets and programs across North America and the entire world.

Shane continued his journey by recognizing another trend coming out of the USA. This time it was a healthy energy drink business. Once again, he successfully brought the company from the USA into Canada. Shane compiled a team of 100 people that distributed the product throughout all of Canada. Eventually, the company was successfully sold to a larger brand.

Naturally, Shane’s career evolved into social media and digital marketing. He was once again ahead of the curve in recognizing a trend. He knew it was going to be adopted as a massive communication tool and could be used to scale business. Shane quickly grew a following on Twitter of over 100,000. He started selling his books and motivational speaking events through social media. From there, he created a small team of specialized social media marketing experts. This team would assist small businesses and run workshops to help those in need of these essential business tools. This was all accomplished during the time when businesses incorrectly predicted the impact social media would have.

As part of his continued business growth, Shane was provided the opportunity to travel and work with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the hit TV show; Shark Tank. Shane played an integral role in building Kevin’s personal brand, consulting in some businesses and acquired shares in some of Kevin’s companies. 

After helping Kevin’s brand, Shane was hired to help launch Eckhart Tolle’s movie: Milton’s Secret. Again, Shane played an integral role in building and marketing the brand.

Shane’s Compassion Journey

Eager to create real world change, Shane reached out to his Twitter followers declaring his intention to build a compassion movement by simply asking if anyone wanted to help. The immediate support was amazing with majority of the replies saying: “Let’s do it!”. Shane knew that focusing on helping others to make a better world would produce results, but he had no idea how large of a movement he was creating.

The Compassion journey was sparked by a single tweet encouraging a daily act of compassion. Whether it was holding the door open for a stranger, volunteering at a homeless or animal shelter, spending hours on the phone helping others or donating money to a good cause. No acts of compassion were too small. The word spread as people from all over the globe began to do Actions Of Compassion.

Because of the success and how much influence was garnered throughout North America, ‘The Everyday Compassion Show’ was created. Shane traveled all over Canada and the USA doing compassionate acts, showcasing non-profits and inspiring others to follow suit. A total of 65 episodes were filmed across North America. Shane knew that the next move was to turn the movement into the Actions Of Compassion brand; a company with a purpose. A dedicated purpose that is to change humanity, the world and how we do business.

By combining Shane’s knowledge of over 700 books, certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, execution of compassionate acts and business development and operations the AOC brand is able to focus on a variety of different paths. We focus on making people better so that they will make the world better.

Shane’s Volunteer Work

Shane is no stranger to volunteering. It has been a huge part of his compassion journey. His first volunteering experience was when he was 18 years old with the Ronald McDonald House. He found it difficult to witness young children suffering with health problems. This experience touched him deeply and motivated him to help others.

While operating his Curves for Women franchises he started a Thanksgiving food drive for the less fortunate. They would rally teams to raise money, bring in non-perishable food items and buy turkeys. The Thanksgiving food drive fed 50 families the first year, and every year after that has fed more than 300 families a year. Shane was always heavily involved and would deliver the meals to families alongside his team.

With his Food Bank Board experience now intact, Shane was then asked to sit on the board of the John Volken Foundation. Shane’s schedule then allowed him to often work with the students directly by helping in any type of community event that could help others turn their life around. John’s success included being the Founder of the hugely successful United Furniture Warehouse that eventually sold for over $200 million. He then made it his life mission to give all his money away by helping those addicted to drugs and further provided the funds necessary to build over 80 orphanages in Africa.  John has since been one of Shane’s key mentors for the last 20 years and has played a big part in Shane’s career in business and life. A mentor in watching John not only build a huge successful business, but a man who was also chosen to receive the Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award. Admiring John’s achievements, Shane was able to learn invaluable leadership skills that taught him how to run a successful business while always contributing how to make the world better at all times.

Shane has also volunteered his time to be president of the Ridge Meadows Business association. This association is similar to the Chamber of Commerce and has helped 1000s of businesses become established. Staying true to his core values, Shanes leadership often directed many of the businesses to create a model that would always do some kind of good in the community. 

Today, Shane has brought together an Advisory Board to oversee the Compassion Kingdom. The advisory board includes a wide variety of leaders and includes: business minds who have owned $200 million businesses, CFL alumni, School teachers, Indigenous leaders, a prominent celebrity music managers and many more. The inclusive board features a variety of races, ages, and demographics with a unified goal of making an impactful and positive difference in the world. 

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