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Celebrity Bonnie – Jill Laflin And Wolf Connections
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Watch We Tackle Homelessness, Mental Disabilities And So Much More
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Almost Losing A Son

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Veterans Day In Canada
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Giving Out Gloves To The Homeless

Michelle Dennedy brought us an incredibly insightful interview with her impressive business history. She discusses the importance of bravery and how this will lay the path of everything

you need in business. Michelle shares her story of why she wasn’t able to be herself at home and the story of how her kids “walked through the fire with her”.


On this interview you will learn:
– The importance of looking at the people who are propelling your career
– Preparing and planning for when things go wrong
– Understanding culture
– What the business world expects of women
– Being judged as a women raising money
– The power of stopping the ??? at the end of your statements (hesitancy)
– A POWERFUL secret that will vastly improve your leadership
– What it takes to be a Vice-President of a company
– The reality of rising through the ranks of a company (Game Of Thrones-esque battles)
– The 3 L’s of Leadership
– Critical secrets to partnerships