How Could Buying a Peace T-Shirt Help The War in Ukraine and Save You Money on Gas and Groceries?

You’re sitting in traffic on your way home from a long day of work and notice your gas meter is approaching empty. Your stomach sinks as you remember the rising gas prices. Then you stop by the supermarket before heading home to pick up a few groceries. All of your usual products are selling at a way higher price than usual. Your day’s earning just went to gas and groceries. Things are becoming more expensive as the dollar is becoming less valuable due to inflation. It seems like your salary is always being challenged with the next rising expense. 

You’re tired, frustrated and aching to go home before you have to work all over again. Then you hear about the latest devastating incident on your car radio that has taken more children’s lives. 


A Texas school shooting, an ongoing war in the Ukraine, and a global pandemic feels overwhelming to process. World crises never seem to end and people forget about one issue and “move on” to the next latest event. The media brings our attention to what’s new and relevant, while others are suffering and being forgotten like the children in Ukraine.

Over 6 million children and adults have now fled the Ukraine and 7.1 million people are believed to have been displaced, meaning that one in four Ukranians were forced from their homes.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported 4,966 people died between February 24 and April 18, 2022 — with 2,104 people killed, including 205 children from explosive weapons in highly populated areas.

It is heartbreaking to see and hear about children dying. Children fleeing war in Ukraine are at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation. Attacks using explosive weapons continue to move closer to populated urban areas, striking children’s homes, schools, hospitals, water systems, power plants, and places where civilians are seeking shelter.

Thinking about all of the problems in the world leaves us feeling hopeless and powerless. Yet, there is a part of you that wants to help. The part of you that wants to take back control of your life and lighten up the dark news you see on the internet.

That part of you is driven by compassion.

A research study that examined the relationship between compassion and depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic showed that showing compassion for others lessens symptoms of anxiety and depression. Compassion is our instinctual response to suffering and Actions of Compassion is a brand built on the most human part of us being our compassionate side. We want to help when we see others hurting, but sometimes we don’t know how we can help or who to help when there are so many problems in the world. So, let’s start with Ukraine. 

Why is it Important to Help Ukraine and The Children of Ukraine?

Ukraine is a large exporter of valuable resources such as soil, ores, and foods like potatoes and grains. In fact, it is the largest exporter in the world for sunflowers and sunflower oil and one of the top three global exporters of wheat, corn, and grapeseed which is found in canola oil. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture, this means that international food prices will rise up to 22% above their already elevated levels because of this ongoing war. Just go to any grocery store to see these prices reflected on the shelves.

Rising gas and grocery prices are just the beginning of the ripple effects of this unforeseen war between Ukraine and Russia. Children suffering leads to damaging impact on the future of our world because children are our future. 

Multiple research studies examining the neuroscience behind adult and child brains indicates that child and teenage brains are more malleable and vulnerable than adult brains. This makes them more sensitive to the neurological effects of trauma from war and this carries a huge social cost to our society. We are already paying for this cost in our everyday lives. It is important to be proactive in helping children undergoing extreme life stressors. Children are carrying the brunt of the war and Actions of Compassion chose to support UNICEF because UNICEF is the world’s leading humanitarian organization for children. UNICEF has a lifelong reputation of supporting children so that our world’s future can be shaped with fully functional adults who can address the issues that plague us and cover our headlines with dark news.

Why Should I Donate to UNICEF?

There are plenty of charities contributing to worthy causes, but not many are as transparent as UNICEF in terms of where your donations go and who they help. UNICEF is accredited by Imagine Canada, meaning it assures its donors that it has met the highest standards for:

In addition, UNICEF list financial reports directly on its site so you can trace how your donation has made a difference in the world.

UNICEF aims to help children by providing communities with:

  • Safe water and sanitation supplies
  • Urgent medical aid and healthcare services
  • Child protection including psychosocial care
  • Education supplies

UNICEF expands on this list by detailing exactly how communities will benefit from donations, understanding that it is fair for donors to have transparent information to know where your hard earned money goes and how it helps.

UNICEF provides the basic necessities that every child deserves to have but have been stolen from them because of war. It is agonizing to see an innocent child suffer because we are reminded of the young children in our lives. Our younger sibling, child, grandchild, niece or nephew could be one of the faces of displaced children.

Donating to UNICEF is a form of investment into a more peaceful world because children are our carriers of peace.

Will this War Ever End?

There is no telling when this war will end. In the meantime, humanity is begging for peace. We’ve been through collective grief and trauma as a society due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are craving:

  • Financial freedom
  • Work and life balance
  • An end to heartbreaking headlines telling stories of war and school shootings
  • Kindness and compassion towards each other
  • Time with our loved ones
  • A sense of peace and safety for the children of the world and our loved ones.

The Actions of Compassion Brand is focused on unity, love and positive changes across the world.

The Peace T-Shirt

World peace feels like a fantasy, but compassion exists within our reality. Compassion is within all of us and our most human response to suffering. Actions of Compassion is a brand that proves this by its namesake.

Our latest “Action of Compassion” is our World Peace T-Shirt.

We designed a T-Shirt to show the world what can happen when we focus on peace over power. When designing the T-shirt it was important for us to pay homage to Gerald Holtom; the creator of the original world peace symbol. This symbol is recognized around the planet and has been used for decades. 

This shirt represents our solidarity for peace over power. Our shirt is not only designed to raise money for children in need, but to also symbolize unity as a modern day “world peace” sign.

Wear this t-shirt to spread the message that you value peace, freedom, and compassion. Wear your shirt with pride knowing that you will be representing and influencing others for world change. Share this page with your friends and family to inspire them to get a shirt and contribute to ongoing world change. Wear the shirt to find your community and always keep a “piece of peace” in your closet.