Vegan Soul Foodie grows to half a million members with Brooke Brimm

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We are delighted to welcome Brooke Brimm, the founder of Vegan Soul Foodie, to our stage today. Recognizing a need for healthier food options within the black community, Brooke and her husband have been plant-dominant for 30 years. Vegan Soul Foodie has since grown exponentially, offering books, classes, and digital products centered around vegan soul food and hosting in-person and online events.

Navigating the challenges of a judgmental culture within the vegan community, Brooke has fostered an encouraging and transition-friendly atmosphere within her group, focusing on inclusivity and embracing anyone wanting to join the movement. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference in the health of the black community by promoting vegan soul food as a delicious and satisfying alternative to traditional soul food. Join us as Brooke shares her journey and insights into the exciting world of vegan soul food.

Brooke Brim’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The origin of Vegan Soul Foodie and its growth to a community of nearly half a million members.
  • Challenges faced due to the judgmental culture within the vegan community and Brooke’s approach to fostering a supportive, inclusive environment.
  • The transformation of Vegan Soul Foodie into a media company, offering books, classes, digital products, and events related to vegan soul food.
  • The impact of vegan soul food on the health of the black community and the importance of embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

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