Vegan shoes and cruelty free methods with Maximilian Justus

Episode 21 with Maximilian Justus

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Meet Maximilian Justus; Founder of Grounded People – with a mission to establish a company that would create high quality, ethically sourced sustainable clothing, while combating the global fashion industry that produces over 92 million tonnes of waste. Helping to reduce these detriments by working together as a community, by doing their part, and contributing to be part of a solution to fast fashion. Grounded products are indeed helping to be part of the solution and also helping to save the earth. A Grounded story for ages to come!

Grounded People Founder Maximilian Justus highlights and discusses:

  • Education on animals plus the environment and the steps Grounded People is actively taking to make “sustainable stylish”.
  • Cruelty free methods are indeed fashionable, compassionate, and ensure that “every step matters”.
  • Team effort + Community = Greater goal accomplishments.

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