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We are delighted to welcome Claire Michalski, co-founder of Vegan Founded, a company that certifies businesses as 100% vegan, to our stage today. Claire’s dedication to transparency in vegan product labeling and her passion for promoting veganism has led her to create a unique certification system that ensures consumers know their money is supporting businesses that do not exploit animals. Her experience with non-profit designs being stolen and printed on non-vegan garments using non-vegan ink sparked the idea for Vegan Founded.

In the interview, Claire describes how Vegan Founded differs from typical vegan logos approved by certain societies. Their certification indicates that the entire business is vegan and is owned by vegans, giving consumers complete trust in their purchase. Despite the setbacks during the lockdown, Vegan Founded has continued to support the vegan business community, advising on business growth during the pandemic.

Here are the highlights of Claire Michalski’s discussion:

  • The need for more transparency in vegan product labeling and certification
  • The creation and operation of Vegan Founded and its certification process
  • The difference between Vegan Founded’s certification and typical vegan logos
  • The challenges that Vegan Founded faced during the lockdown and how the company continues to support the vegan business community.

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