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Meet Natasha Chalmers; Founder & CEO of Maple & Manchester. 

With a passion for the vegan foodie experience, Natasha and her husband Damian set out to create a unique craft line of cultured cashew cheezes that pair beautifully with the wines of the Okanagan region. In addition to cultured cheezes, Maple & Manchester offer a line of creamy sauces and decadent cashew cheezecakes. Damian hailing from Manchester, England brought his 12 years of experience in the food service industry to the table where Natasha then introduced him to the world of vegan foods at which time they then began their own vegan journey. You’ll love this perfect match journey where food & culture started worlds apart and have now molded as one! 

Maple & Manchester Founder & CEO Natasha Chalmers highlights and discusses: 

  • How husband Damian and she have never looked back and continue to utilize their immense experience while revolutionizing the cultured cheeze industry.
  • Where the business journey started as the hardest thing to overcome the love of cheese when starting her plant-based journey over 11 years ago.

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