In the journey to find positivity, the people we choose to follow and surround ourselves with make all the difference in our lives. 

But here’s what I’ve learned: negativity is a mirror of those who spread it, not a reflection of your worth. It’s crucial to distance ourselves from such influences. You see, we become echoes of those closest to us, picking up their negative patterns and insecurities. Birds of a feather do flock together. 

Consider the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, who face adversities like lawsuits daily. It’s a common thread among the successful; there’s always someone ready to try and tear you down their words.”

About eight years ago, someone decided to target me, creating a blog to spread negative stuff about me. 

They persist in financing it, opting to allocate resources toward spreading negativity instead of aiding those in need. Moreover, the individual’s spouse hails from the Philippines, a 

country grappling with economic challenges. Imagine opting to expend your resources and energy on causing harm to others when you could support an entire family for a month with the same amount.

So, instead of letting it tear us down, we turned it into a case study.”

We shared the account of this individual’s wife being employed by us, experiencing doubts about the value we were receiving and hesitating to pay the agreed amount. However, to summarize, she was compensated in full.

This case study has been presented to hundreds of businesses and companies during our training sessions. It serves as a compelling lesson that individuals are cautious about associating with those who seek to damage others’ reputations in the business world. The anonymity of the detractors only served to discredit them further because when you speak ill of others or write negatively about them, it leads people to wonder if you would do the same to them in the event of a disagreement or fallout.

That’s precisely why the person never put their name on their negative writings about me, opting for anonymity—a choice met with disbelief and laughter across North America.

Imagine channeling your energy and resources into nurturing bitterness to the extent of establishing websites aimed at demeaning others. It’s a blatant indicator of a low level of consciousness and humanity. Can you picture yourself walking around filled with hate, resentment, and anger, attempting to elevate your mood by targeting those you dislike?

So, refrain from posting negative comments on people’s social media or speaking ill of others. By doing so, you lower yourself to their energy level, regardless of their actions towards you. Remember, engaging in such negativity only invites that same negative energy back into your life.


Just be aware that not everyone will like you when you put yourself out there in the world. I’ve had 200 employees; do you think they all liked me? Of course not. However, I’ve remained close with 95% of them even after their employment ended with us.

The fear of receiving negative feedback can often deter individuals from moving forward. However, the real solution lies in harboring compassion for those who spread negativity. Such individuals are not in a healthy emotional state, trapped in cycles of envy, resentment, hatred, and anger. They prefer to undermine others rather than embrace emotions of forgiveness, h

appiness, and love. When people act this way, it’s a sign they are genuinely struggling, with their brains operating at the lowest frequency of brain waves. So, be compassionate when someone creates a harmful blog about you or leaves negative comments on your social media. They are in pain and not contributing positively to the world.

People with a low level of humanity tend to focus on and spread negativity. In contrast, our compassion movement has consistently made a real impact. We’ve collected and distributed thousands and thousands of jackets to people experiencing homelessness, prepared thousands of sandwiches for the less fortunate, provided shoes to children who couldn’t afford them, and donated generously to animal shelters. We’ve handed out thousands and thousands of socks and mitts to those in need, among many other acts of kindness. 

This attracts individuals with high vibrations and positive intentions who are committed to making the world a better place. With the lowest level of humanity, they spend their time tearing others down and spreading negativity. There’s no middle ground; you’re either contributing to the betterment of the world or detracting from it.

Our company grows and becomes more profitable yearly, forming partnerships with billion-dollar brands, prominent influencers, and more. 

This success is a result of the good we do in the world.

Let’s be clear: those who have spoken negatively about us have neve

r impeded our progress; instead, their criticism has fueled our growth and opened significant partnerships and opportunities.

Individuals with a low level of humanity might target those who are weak, but they cannot influence the majority who flourish through positivity. Engaging in demeaning others only leads to a rapid depletion of one’s positive energy and happiness.

The most enlightened individuals, those with the highest self-esteem, never resort to spreading negativity. They know that by maintaining a positive outlook, negativity has no place. When faced with gossip or slander, I choose not to listen because compassion means understanding, not hating these people. These people are suffering. Have compassion for them. 

You face a choice: contribute to the world’s positivity or be someone who seeks to bring others down. There’s no middle ground. Don’t choose to be a loser.

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