Traveling the country in a vegan-covered camper van with Sabrina Farb

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We’re excited to introduce our guest, Sabrina Farb, founder of, an organization dedicated to promoting veganism and animal rights education. Sabrina’s passion for veganism started at a young age and led her to leave her teaching job to focus on full-time vegan education through social media, podcasts, and in-person lectures. She travels around the country in a vegan-covered camper van, spreading the message of veganism to schools, universities, and public places.

Sabrina’s unique upbringing as a vegan and her involvement in animal rights activism since childhood have shaped her mission to educate people about veganism. Her focus on education and sharing information on veganism is vital to her business.

Sabrina Farb’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The mission and vision of and her approach to promoting veganism and animal rights education.
  • The challenges and rewards of leaving her teaching job to focus on vegan education full-time
  • The importance of in-person lectures and social media in promoting veganism and animal rights education
  • The significance of being empowered vegans and how it can help others transition and stay vegan successfully.

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