Transformative journey into the raw food realm with Crystal Bonnet

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Today we have the privilege to introduce Crystal Bonnet, a distinguished raw food chef instructor, author, and entrepreneur who has carved her niche in the food industry. Crystal’s foray into raw food was not by choice but rather a necessity brought on by consistent health issues and low immunity. However, what started as a health-driven decision soon ignited a passion in her. A 21-day raw food meal plan triggered a transformation that ultimately led her to venture into the raw food business. Crystal’s entrepreneurial journey began at local farmers’ markets in Alberta, where she offered raw chocolates and desserts, leading to teaching certifications globally and crafting online courses.

Crystal Bonnet’s Discussion Highlights:

● Her transformative journey into the raw food realm due to health concerns led to a business venture and educating others worldwide.
● The importance and satisfaction of raw desserts in maintaining a balanced, healthy diet while satisfying the sweet tooth.
● The trials and tribulations of operating an online business and the need to pivot and adjust the business model with changing digital trends.
● The recognition and acceptance of past business errors, specifically the lack of focus on a single niche before diversifying.

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On this interview you will learn:
– The importance of looking at the people who are propelling your career
– Preparing and planning for when things go wrong
– Understanding culture
– What the business world expects of women
– Being judged as a women raising money
– The power of stopping the ??? at the end of your statements (hesitancy)
– A POWERFUL secret that will vastly improve your leadership
– What it takes to be a Vice-President of a company
– The reality of rising through the ranks of a company (Game Of Thrones-esque battles)
– The 3 L’s of Leadership
– Critical secrets to partnerships