Traditional cheese-making & scientific innovation with Karen McAthy

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Meet Karen McAthy; CEO & Co-Founder of Lumi Foods.

Karen’s building the future of food journey began about 7 years ago with Blue Heron Creamery and has since evolved into Lumi foods. The continued mission is to accelerate humanity’s transition to a just, sustainable, animal-free food system by inspiring consumers to re-imagine dairy, starting with cheese. Marrying traditional cheese-making methods with scientific innovation, Lumi Foods elevates the taste, texture, and performance of plant-based cheeses. Building on the foundation of Blue Heron Creamery, Lumi Foods looks to an exciting future creating avenues to lasting consumer change. Sink your teeth into this exciting, appetizing, and most importantly sustainable evolution of plant-based cheese journey!  

Lumi Foods CEO & Co-Founder Karen McAthy highlights and discusses: 

  • How they utilized emergent food technology and strategic partnerships to advance their mission. 
  • Employing a diversity of plant sources in the creation of dairy-alternative products while being able to focus on minimizing environmental impact.
  • How Lumi Foods legacy brand, Blue Heron Creamery, set the stage for Lumi in creating innovative cultured plant-based cheeses while employing a science-forward approach and traditional methods in seeking to create a new cheese tradition.

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