Three Farmers a revolutionary company with Natasha Vandenhurk

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Meet Natasha; CEO/Founder of Three Farmers – a family owned and operated business based in Canada. A real deal family business with THREE FARMERS and TWO SISTERS at the heart. Bonded by a shared desire to connect consumers to the farmers who grow their food while being committed to healthy and wholesome food with natural, quality ingredients. A can’t miss family journey celebrating and engaging with community and neighbours.

Three Farmers CEO/Founder Natasha Vandenhurk highlights and discusses:

  • A community story on how 2 daughters and their father partnered with 2 neighboring farmers to create this revolutionary company.
  • How they leveraged co-packing, pricing, players, and channels required to get from point A to point B in the most cost-efficient way possible.
  • Created the brand around the farm to fork concept as the current whole bean leader in Canada, with a future 10-year plan to be global.

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