The Untold Story Behind The World Vegan Market With Shabari Monica Das

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Veganism is growing! And so are the number of businesses within the community. In this episode, we’ll be meeting Shabari Monica Das, a long-term vegan of 25 years and currently the owner of the World Vegan Market, which she created to help vegan businesses worldwide connect with each other to promote positive change through conscious collaboration. She also leads the London Vegan Business Network, supporting over 1,200 vegan businesses, freelancers, start-ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and job seekers. Check out her interview now!

World Vegan Market CEO & Entrepreneur Shabari Monica Das highlights and discusses the:

  • Her backstory of why she switched from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle.
  • The birth of the World Vegan Market in the midst of the pandemic.
  • And the countless individuals she has empowered by creating a connected platform for fellow vegan business owners

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