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The unique business model of Invest Vegan with Sloane Ortel

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We are delighted to welcome Sloane Ortel, the innovative founder of Invest Vegan, to our stage today. Invest Vegan is a registered investment advisor that caters to clients with as little as one dollar to invest, allowing everyone to access the power of compounding and sustainable investing. With a unique approach focused on ethics-first investing, Sloane aims to attract clients who may be disillusioned with capitalism and want their investments to align with their vegan or ethical values, ultimately fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

With a diverse background in investment management that started when she was only 19, Sloane has observed firsthand the disconnect between investment managers and their clients’ concerns. Her experiences at a brokerage firm, Oppenheimer and Company, and CFA Institute have shaped her vision for Invest Vegan, an intriguing blend of conscious and vegan investing. Today, Sloane is ready to share her insights and expertise as we delve into her journey and explore the world of values-driven investing.

Sloane Ortel’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The founding principles of Invest Vegan and the importance of ethics-first investing
  • Sloane’s experience in the investment management industry and how it has shaped her approach to sustainable investing
    ● The unique business model of Invest Vegan, catering to clients seeking to align their investments with their vegan or ethical values
  • Sloane’s journey as an entrepreneur and overcoming the hurdle of permitting herself to pursue her dreams

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