The UK's first frozen vegan pizza company with Mike Hill

Episode 22 with Mike Hill

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In this episode we dive in with Mike Hill from One Planet Pizza. Since his early teenage years Mike has been a vegetarian, learning about Buddhism, and gaining a greater compassion for animals. His initial inspiration for crafting a vegan pizza company came from his families frequent pizza nights. After perfecting his pizza recipe over the years, Mike and his son Joe, also a vegetarian, partnered up and have been growing their business through strong vegan and family values ever since.

Becoming the first frozen vegan pizza company in the UK! Highlights from this episode:
  • The journey of creating one of the worlds best vegan pizzas.
  • Using pizza as an agent for change. Converting the masses to vegan alternatives.
  • Food realities from the future: exploring the possibility of expanding vegan options and eliminating the need for meat.

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