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The Sacramento Vegan Society with Linda Middlesworth

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Today, we’re delighted to introduce Linda Middlesworth, a committed vegan for over 35 years, animal rights advocate, and health coach. Linda’s passion for animal rights and veganism is unrivaled. She founded the Sacramento Vegan Society, a group boasting over 5000 members, and uses this platform to promote the end of animal breeding and killing for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation. Linda’s journey to veganism began with her own health challenges, which were significantly improved by adopting a plant-based diet. This personal transformation sparked her interest in health and nutrition, leading her to become a certified nutrition and cooking instructor.

In addition to her advocacy for plant-based diets, Linda is a champion for animal rights. She was fueled by her revelation about the harsh realities of dairy farming, leading her to establish the Sacramento Animal Rights group. Despite the challenge of balancing her health coaching with her animal rights activism, Linda insists on merging the two, believing both are integral to her mission. Linda’s dedication to her causes, her community, and her commitment to improving the lives of animals and people alike make her an exceptional speaker, and we are thrilled to have her with us today.

Linda Middlesworth’s Discussion Highlights:

  • Her journey towards veganism and how it improved her health, leading her to become a health coach and advocate for plant-based nutrition.
  • The formation of the Sacramento Vegan Society and its role in promoting veganism and animal rights.
  • The ethical considerations and revelations that drove her to establish the Sacramento Animal Rights group and actively participate in animal rights activism.

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