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The Plant-Powered Dog with Diana Laverdure Dunetz

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We are excited to introduce Diana Laverdure Dunetz, the founder of Plant-Powered Dog and a renowned canine nutritionist. Her passion for dog nutrition and fresh food diets has led her to become a leading expert in the field. Diana started cooking homemade food for her dog, Chase, when he had health issues, and she noticed that he began to improve. This experience ignited her interest in dog nutrition. She decided to pursue a Masters of Animal Science to work with vets and professionals to formulate fresh food diets for dogs worldwide.

Diana’s journey took an unexpected turn when she became a vegan in 2017. She could no longer continue to formulate meat-based diets for dogs because it conflicted with her values. This led her to research vegan diets for dogs and to organize the Plant Power Dog Food Summit in 2019, which educated people about the impact of the pet food industry on animals and the environment. Diana is passionate about helping dogs and educating people about the benefits of plant-based diets.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The benefits of fresh food diets for dogs and how it can improve their health and wellbeing
  • The challenges Diana faced in transitioning from meat-based to plant-based diets for dogs and the misconceptions surrounding it
  • The impact of the pet food industry on animals and the environment
  • The importance of education and awareness in promoting plant-based diets for dogs and reducing the consumption of animal products

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