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Today we have Dom and W.E., the founders of The Mushroom Angel Company. Starting their food business during the pandemic and have made a name for themselves by introducing people to mushroom-infused products. Both Dom and W.E. are not chefs or food scientists but a couple with a keen interest in health and wellness. In this episode, they share the journey, challenges, and how they started a successful business.

The conversation begins with a trivia question on what Dom and W.E. used to fight about the most in their marriage. It was surprisingly food, which led to them starting a food company. Dom was always into nutritional facts, whereas W.E. had a selective taste palette. Their disagreements would often lead to heated conversations in the kitchen. Through their journey, they discovered the benefits of mushrooms, and The Mushroom Angel Company was born.

Discussion Highlights Include:

  • The challenges and opportunities in starting a food business during the pandemic.
  • The importance of having a unique selling proposition and understanding your customers’ needs.
  • The benefits and uses of mushrooms in various products.
  • How to incorporate wellness and spirituality into your business.

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