The Journey into veganism and animal rights activism with Faik Bouhrik

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We are honored to introduce our guest for today, Faik Bouhrik, founder of Vegan Stay and an animal rights activist. Faik’s journey into veganism and animal rights activism began during his first semester at college when he encountered animal rights activists showing a video of a monkey being mistreated.

Since then, Faik has become a passionate animal rights advocate and has attended numerous animal rights events organized by animal safe. He has also witnessed the animals at a slaughterhouse vigil, where he felt the emotional toll of witnessing animal suffering. Despite the challenges, Faik continues to advocate for animal rights and encourages others to do the same.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Faik’s journey into veganism and animal rights activism
  • The emotional and ethical challenges of being an animal rights advocate
  • The importance of consistent and organized animal advocacy
  • Encouraging others to become advocates for animal rights and promoting veganism.

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