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We are excited to welcome Karin Wentworth, the founder of Full On Plants Coaching, to our stage today. Karin has been a vegan for over 30 years and attributes her good health and positive mindset to her vegan lifestyle. She saw an opportunity to combine her coaching skills and veganism to launch Full On Plants Coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Karin’s passion for veganism is evident in her work, and she is committed to helping people transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.

Karin’s interest in veganism started when she was given a book by the Hare Krishnas, which opened her eyes to the health benefits, economic implications, and ethical considerations of not eating meat. She believes being vegan is at the core of who she is and encourages others to explore veganism to live healthier and more compassionate life. With a wealth of experience behind her, having worked as a coach in the corporate sector before launching her coaching practice, Karin is poised to share her knowledge and insights with us today.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The creation of Full On Plants Coaching and its mission to help people transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle
  • The health benefits, economic implications, and ethical considerations of veganism
  • Challenges and tips for staying vegan when dining out or in social situations that involve meat
  • Karin’s journey as a coach and entrepreneur and her plans for the future of Full On Plants Coaching

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