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We are delighted to introduce our guest for today, Christine Scarinzi, the founder of Simply Plantz and the brains behind the Happy Hippie products. Christine’s journey is a testament to her passion for health and wellness. Her love for wholesome food was cultivated by her parents, who introduced her to various cuisines. This interest was further stoked when she moved to Southern California, a region known for its fitness-conscious culture.

Christine’s voyage into the wellness industry began at a local gym, where she explored the world of health and wellness, mainly vegan and raw vegan food options. The turning point came when she cooked for a woman preparing for heart surgery, which led her to realize the significant impact of healthy meals on people’s health and well-being. Today, she stands as the proud owner of Happy Hippie, a brand dedicated to creating nutritious and delectable food products that promote overall wellness.

  • Christine Scarinzi’s Discussion Highlights:Her journey into the health and wellness industry, marked by her exposure to various cuisines and her move to Southern California.
  • The challenges she faced as a business owner, particularly in managing finances and finding environmentally friendly yet effective packaging for her product.
  • Her ongoing commitment to Happy Hippie, despite the challenges of running a small business, and her unyielding passion for creating healthy and delicious food products.

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