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We are delighted to introduce our guest, Stephan Stegeman, the co-founder of Shop Like You Give a Damn, an e-commerce platform offering sustainable, ethically-made products from vegan and vegan-friendly brands. Stephan’s journey from a university educator to a vegan and sustainable business pioneer is intriguing and inspiring. Stephan has gained invaluable insights into sustainable and plant-based businesses through his experiences in founding various ventures and his commitment to ethical consumerism.
Today, Stephan is not only helping consumers make more compassionate choices but is also working on a platform for vegan investors, further promoting the growth of plant-based and cruelty-free companies. His dedication to creating a positive impact through business is truly commendable.

Join us as Stephan shares his unique experiences, insights, and valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Stephan Stegeman’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The transition from a university educator to a vegan and sustainable business entrepreneur.
  • The founding of a lunch delivery company and its eventual pivot to a vegetarian/vegan-focused business.
  • Stephan’s journey to veganism and his experience volunteering for a 30-day vegan challenge.
  • The creation of the Vegan Games and the lessons learned from organizing the event.
  • The development of Shop Like You Give a Damn, an e-commerce platform for sustainable, ethically-made vegan products.
  • The launch of a platform for vegan investors to support the growth of plant-based and cruelty-free businesses.

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