Securing funding on Vevolution's platform with Erik Amundson

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We are excited to introduce Eric Amundson, CEO and co-founder of Vevolution. This vegan investment platform aims to create a vegan economy by connecting vegan food tech, cellular agriculture, and next-gen material companies with impact investors. Eric has been in the industry for over two years and has helped countless startups secure funding on Vevolution’s platform.

Eric’s journey with Vevolution began as an event and media-based company that created TEDx-style conferences and events for vegan startups. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and killed the events-based industry, Vevolution pivoted into a fintech business. They have been operating as the new investment platform for over two years. Eric mentioned that building a two-way marketplace is one of the most challenging business models. Still, Vevolution has successfully created a community of about 5,000, with 1,600 organizations on the platform and close to 700 investors worldwide. Get ready to learn more about Vevolution and Eric’s journey as an entrepreneur in the vegan industry.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The evolution of Vevolution from an events-based company to a fintech business
  • The challenges and opportunities in building a two-way marketplace with a B2B model
  • The importance of connecting startups with mission-aligned investors
  • Vevolution’s goal of creating a vegan economy by moving animals from the supply chain

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