saving 35,000 pounds of food from going to waste with Adam Harris

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Meet Adam, CEO of Slow Bottled Sunday; BC’s harvest in rich and unique condiments. Their vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, low sodium flavours are loaded with whole food and help all with a taste for adventure plus savour summer’s bounty year round in every meal while reimagining BC-grown food while reducing food waste. Together, with their customers, they’ve saved 35,000 pounds of fresh food from going to waste in 2021 alone and continue to add to those impactful numbers. A truly satisfying entrepreneurial journey making a positive difference in the environment. Slow Bottled Sunday CEO Adam Harris highlights and discusses:
  • A fateful encounter with a lifelong chef and food entrepreneur created a farm to bottle business model.
  • The product challenges and ensuring the first ingredient must always be whole grown fruit sourced locally.

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