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respected voice in the vegan and plant-based industry with Aaron Hiebert Prasad

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We are thrilled to welcome Aaron Hebert Prasad to our show today. A respected voice in the vegan and plant-based industry, Aaron’s narrative is one of transformation, discipline, and profound dedication. His journey began approximately ten years ago when he adopted a high-carb, low-fat vegan diet for his health. Despite skepticism and numerous queries about his protein intake and overall well-being, Aaron demonstrated the resilience to stick with his decision. The result was a radical shift in his health and vitality, making him fitter and more energetic.

Aaron’s journey didn’t stop at merely adopting a vegan lifestyle for himself. He took his experiences and knowledge to the next level, striving to promote the benefits of plant-based living and advocate for animal rights. His disciplined lifestyle, underscored by his daily routine of waking up at dawn for his road cycling trip in Colombia, is a testament to his commitment. His embrace of veganism is not just a dietary choice but a philosophy that extends to all aspects of his life.

Adding a personal touch to his story, Aaron shares his fondness for the artwork from his friend’s restaurant, which had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These pieces are a poignant reminder of his friend’s influence on his journey towards healthier eating and a deeper appreciation for animals. Today, Aaron stands as a beacon of inspiration within the vegan community, embodying the transformative potential of a plant-based lifestyle.

Aaron Hebert Prasad’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The transition to a high-carb, low-fat vegan lifestyle: Aaron recounts his journey, his challenges, and the numerous benefits he has experienced since the transition.
  • Overcoming public skepticism: Aaron discusses the skepticism and queries he faced when he adopted a vegan lifestyle, particularly concerns about his protein intake and overall well-being.
  • The disciplined routine: Aaron shares his daily routine, which includes waking up early for a road cycling trip in Colombia, emphasizing the importance of discipline and a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Advocacy for animal welfare: Aaron discusses his dedication to promoting animal rights and how his vegan lifestyle informs this advocacy.

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