Promoting plant-based food and ending factory farming with Katie Cantrell

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Today’s guest is Katie Cantrell, the co-founder of Greener by Default, which aims to make plant-based food the default. With her extensive background in animal and plant-based advocacy, Katie has dedicated her life’s work to ending factory farming and promoting more sustainable, healthy, and inclusive food systems.

Before founding Greener by Default, Katie founded the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC), which gave presentations to high school and college students, government agencies, and corporations about the harms of industrial animal agriculture. After taking a break from running FFAC, Katie learned about the Better Food Foundation’s Default Veg program, which worked to make plant-based the default and provide consumers with the option to opt-in to meat. This program inspired Katie to join the Better Food Foundation and start Greener by Default. This consulting company works with institutional food services to make their existing plant-based options more appealing and the default.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Katie’s journey and passion for promoting plant-based food and ending factory farming.
  • The benefits of making plant-based food the default include reducing carbon emissions, saving food costs, and improving health and inclusivity.
  • How Greener by Default works with institutional food services to engineer menus to nudge people towards plant-based options.
  • The importance of making plant-based food more appealing and the challenges that come with it.

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