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Plant-Based in The Burbs with Paige Parsons Roache

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Join us for an engaging conversation with Paige Parsons Roache, founder of “Plant-Based in The Burbs” and co-host of a cooking show on Unchained TV. Paige’s passion for promoting a plant-based lifestyle is rooted in her journey, which began in the fitness industry and transitioned into animal rights activism. Today, she uses her platform to educate others, particularly families, about veganism’s environmental and health benefits.

Paige and her co-host Sheree have big plans for the future of “Plant-Based in The Burbs,” including organizing speaking engagements, creating a cookbook, and providing vegan product and restaurant recommendations. They aim to demystify veganism, showing how it can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

Authenticity is vital for Paige in building her brand, and despite challenges like platform changes and monetization requirements, she remains committed to her mission. She speaks highly of Beyond Meat products and Ethan Brown’s innovation and shares her preference for whole, plant-based foods, particularly organic and homemade options.

Paige Parsons Roache’s Discussion Highlights:

  • Paige’s journey from the fitness industry and animal rights activism to promoting veganism through her cooking show.
  • Future plans for “Plant-Based in The Burbs,” include speaking engagements, a cookbook, and vegan product recommendations.
  • The importance of authenticity in building their brand despite platform and monetization challenges.
  • Paige’s praise for Beyond Meat products and her preference for whole, plant-based foods.

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