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Sahan Bakmiwewa, the innovative founder of Plant-Based Studios, joins us today on our Podcast. With an eye for trending market demands, Sahan has been instrumental in pioneering a range of vegan products that are both healthy and delectable. Starting his journey in the corporate world, Sahan soon realized that his calling was elsewhere. This realization led him to a startup where he gained invaluable hands-on experience across different domains, and it wasn’t long before he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, initially venturing into the organic spices business.

Spotting a growing demand for young jackfruit in 2016, Sahan seized the opportunity to use this versatile fruit as a meat substitute, paving the way for his venture, Ancient Nature. This endeavor eventually blossomed into Plant-Based Studios, a dedicated factory for vegan products, launched in 2021. With a unique, soy-free product line that includes young jackfruit-based burger patties, nuggets, seitan-based vegan chicken, and plant-based milk alternatives, Sahan’s company is setting new standards in the vegan market. Despite the nascent vegan market in Sri Lanka, Sahan, through Plant-Based Studios, is committed to fostering awareness about veganism, especially among the health-conscious younger generation.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Sahan Bakmiwewa’s transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and his venture into the organic spices business.
  • The unique use of young jackfruit as a meat substitute and the launch of Ancient Nature focused on nutraceuticals.
  • The evolution of Plant-Based Studios and its dedicated vegan product factory.
  • The challenges faced due to the economic crisis, power cuts, and fuel shortages in Sri Lanka.
  • Plant-Based Studios’ strategy and vision for promoting veganism in Sri Lanka.

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