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We are incredibly excited to welcome the dynamic Danielle Arsenault to our podcast. A certified raw food chef, nutritionist, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and outdoor enthusiast, Danielle’s multifaceted career path is nothing short of inspiring. As the founder of Pachavega, she offers plant-based nutrition coaching, designs plant-based menus, hosts holistic wellness retreats, and offers raw food chef certification courses. Based in Nicaragua, Danielle’s holistic approach to nutrition and wellness reflects her deep commitment to a plant-based lifestyle.

From her early entrepreneurial endeavors to her decision to become vegetarian at 17 and later vegan during her time in Mexico, Danielle’s journey has been marked by her firm belief in the power of plant-based foods. She strongly advocates returning to the source, emphasizing the importance of consuming fresh, natural foods over processed, chemical-laden options.

Danielle Arsenault’s Discussion Highlights:

● Her transformative journey from early entrepreneurial endeavors to becoming a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and lifestyle.
● The importance she places on whole, healthy, plant-based foods over processed options and her advocacy for sourcing protein from plant-based alternatives.
● Her mission to make plant-based eating enjoyable and sustainable by creating delicious, healthful food.
● Her perspective on the growing array of plant-based alternatives and the balance between embracing these and focusing on whole, unprocessed foods.
● Her insights on the raw food diet, the benefits of incorporating more raw foods into everyday diets, and practical tips for achieving this, such as her nutrient-packed green smoothie recipe.

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