Opportunities that lie beneath our oceans with Desiree Dupuis

Episode 15 with Desiree Dupuis

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Did you know that not only is seaweed climate-friendly, but it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and is extremely beneficial to our health. Desiree, from Kove Ocean Foods is passionate about living a life of purpose and making an impact in the world by creating permanent sustainable change while using her voice to advocate for animals as well as the planet. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that lie beneath our oceans and see how Desirees’ making global change partnering with the community!

Kove Ocean Foods VP Desiree Dupuis highlights and discusses:

  • How Indigenous partnerships have been key to continue culture and environment sustainability.
  • The ways displacement of water and mother nature contribute to everyday ocean farming challenges.
  • How minimal demand on resources can make a huge impact on the planet.

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