Nuts for cheese leading plant-based dairy manufacturing with Margaret Coons

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Meet Margaret; Founder and CEO of Nuts For Cheese – Canada’s category leader in artisan, organic, plant-based dairy manufacturing. Vegan from an early age, Margaret developed a passion for plant-based cuisine becoming a vegan chef and experimenting with nuts and seeds to create deliciously creamy plant-based cheeses.
With a decadent line of organic, cashew cheese and butters, Nuts For Cheese is proving plant-based options no longer cater to vegans alone; they cater to everyone!

Nuts For Cheese Founder & CEO Margaret Coons highlights and discusses:

  • How the benefits of being a vegan chef years ago allowed her to both experiment and evolve her expertise into a thriving business.
  • Her personal journey from farmer’s market in 2015, to explosive growth at over 4000 locations across North America with products available at national retailers like Whole Foods, Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and Farm Boy.
  • The importance of recognizing the efforts & roles of all team members to ensure that that all individuals thrive alongside the company as it grows.

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