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Meet Michael and Tony Abramson, a dynamic duo who have been in business and married for an impressive 43 years. They have a rich history of entrepreneurship, starting with a boutique advertising agency for 27 years and later venturing into the food industry with the launch of North America’s first plant-based butcher shop, Yam Chops. With a passion for plant-based food, Michael brings knowledge and expertise to the table, boasting several certifications and accreditations in vegan cuisine.

Michael and Tony Abramson Highlights and Discussions:

● Journey as Entrepreneurs: Michael and Tony’s journey started with a small advertising agency and evolved into the successful launch of Yam Chops, North America’s first plant-based butcher shop. They faced several challenges but appealed to vegetarians and meat-eaters with their innovative taste-testing approach.

● Success of Yam Chops: Yam Chops was a successful business with multiple revenue streams, including refrigerated sections with dressings and sauces sold in-store and to other retailers, a cold-press juice company, and a cookbook. They faced the challenge of coordinating the increased workload involved in expanding their brand.

● Growth of Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Michael and Tony have a nuanced view of the growth of plant-based meat alternatives. They believe that the natural wonder of vegan food is in its ability to create healthy plant-based options to traditional animal-based products rather than plant-based burgers. They also express concern about the ingredients in some packaged vegan goods.

● Staying Married and Building a Business Together: Michael and Tony attribute their 43-year successful marriage and business partnership to their honesty with each other, shared vision, and mutual commitment to their goals. They believe that the “people side” of business is critical to a company’s success.

● Retirement and Future Endeavors: Michael and Tony have retired but remain involved in some business activities, such as coaching young entrepreneurs and offering pro-bono marketing services to a few clients. They ended the interview by thanking the interviewer and looking forward to future interactions.

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