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Myair Smart Food a revolutionary platform with Rachel Yarcony

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Today, we have the pleasure of hosting Rachel Yarcony on our Podcast. As the co-founder of Myair Smart Food, Rachel has been instrumental in creating a revolutionary platform for managing chronic stress through personalized nutrition. Her journey is unique, transitioning from a successful corporate career, including roles such as consulting for Nestle and serving as the VP of Global Market Communication at Teva Pharmaceuticals, to entrepreneurship. Her personal experience with stress in the corporate world prompted her to explore the potential of adaptogens, which eventually culminated in Myair Smart Food establishment in 2019.

At Myair Smart Food, Rachel and her team utilize technological innovations to craft personalized nutrition plans tailored to an individual’s cognitive signature. This unique approach combines physiological and psychological data, such as insights from smartwatches and cognitive assessments. Despite the challenges of building a startup, Rachel underscores the importance of team culture and values, learning she gleaned from her corporate background. Ultimately, MyAir’s ambitious goal is to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness through personalized nutrition, setting the stage for a shift in how we approach stress and overall wellness.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Rachel’s transition from a high-pressure corporate environment to the entrepreneurial world of wellness and nutrition.
  • The role of technology in personalizing nutrition and its potential to combat chronic stress.
  • The significance of team culture and values when building a startup.
  • The vision of Myair Smart Food: using personalized nutrition as a tool for health empowerment and behavioral change.
  • Chronic stress as a “global silent killer” and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the importance of stress management.

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