Making Vegan comfort food Oh So Good with Suzana Brown

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In this episode we dive deep into all things comfort food and branding with Suzana Brown. Coming from a European background and a family of food lovers, Suzana developed her passion for home cooking at a young age. After discovering the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and attending events by prominent vegan physicians Dr John McDougall and Dr Colin Campbell among others, Suzana knew that she could share her love of food with others while also sharing compassion and consciousness about what ends up on the dinner plate. Her life mission is to bring delicious and convenient vegan comfort foods to younger generations. Making a difference in the health and enjoyment of kids and teenagers while helping them to make delicious and ethical choices.

Oh Suzana Oh So Good CEO Suzana Brown highlights and discusses:

  • Sharing her journey of entrepreneurship and the next steps in growing her comfort food empire!
  • The heart and soul of her brand and why bringing health and fun to kids is so important.
  • Experimenting with what works and building on success with her fun vegan dishes!


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