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Lavva is known for its dairy-free pili nut yogurt with Elizabeth Fisher

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We are delighted to introduce Elizabeth Fisher, the entrepreneurial force behind Lavva, a trailblazing brand known for its dairy-free pili nut yogurt. Fisher’s journey into the food industry was shaped by various influences, from meeting with a vegan speechwriter at the White House to her health challenges. These experiences ignited her interest in the interplay between humans and animals and the power of plant-based foods, leading her to launch Lavva.

Elizabeth’s career in the food industry, primarily in sales, gave her a profound appreciation for the dynamic nature of the sector and the relationship of trust between salespeople and customers. Her battle with ovarian cancer prompted a shift towards a plant-based diet, during which she discovered the versatile and nutritious pili nut. This discovery, combined with her determination to create a product that preserved the natural living cultures and probiotics found in raw foods, led to the birth of Lava in 2016.

Elizabeth Fisher’s Discussion Highlights:

  • Her journey into the food industry and the formation of Lavva, inspired by a significant encounter and her personal health experiences.
  • The challenges encountered in creating a scalable manufacturing process for Lavva that retains the natural living cultures and probiotics in raw foods.
  • The economic and market challenges Lavva faces, the dairy industry, and how Lavva differentiates itself by avoiding added sugars and excessive processing.
  • Lavva’s commitment to animal welfare and sustainability and Fisher’s belief in the conscious consumption trends of the next generation.

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