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Launching a Plant-Based Cheese company in Thailand with Nicolas Frauenfelder

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We are excited to welcome Nicolas Frauenfelder, a plant-based food entrepreneur and founder of Swees Plant-Based Foods, to our stage today. Nicolas’s journey from a banking career to creating a range of plant-based cheeses in Thailand is truly inspiring. Combining his passion for nutrition, cooking, and experimentation, he has created a successful plant-based food company that helps people transition to a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

With his nutritionist background and Swiss heritage, Nicolas brings a unique perspective to the world of plant-based cheese. His dedication to creating delicious, satisfying alternatives to traditional dairy products demonstrates the potential of plant-based foods to not only improve our health and protect our planet. Get ready to be enlightened and inspired as Nicolas shares his journey.

Nick’s Discussion Highlights:

  • Nicolas’s journey from a career in banking to becoming a plant-based food entrepreneur.
  • The inspiration behind his plant-based cheese company.
  • The process of creating a range of plant-based cheeses using different nut bases.
  • The challenges and successes of starting a plant-based food company in Thailand.
  • The importance of providing accessible, delicious alternatives to traditional dairy products.

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