Introducing Chef Mark Reinfeld – Globally recognized vegan chef

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Called the male equivalent to a vegan Rachael Ray by Publishers Weekly, welcome our special guest Chef Mark Reinfeld. He’s an award winning chef, educator and authority on plant-based cuisine with a long track record of contribution championing his passion for vegan advocacy and great food! Not to mention style and grace, Mark has a heart of gold. From online training to consulting and teaching around the world Mark has made and continues to make a serious impact in modern day veganism and education. Along with his contributions he’s thrilled with the direction veganism is headed and believes in a future where veganism is even more widely accepted and available in a global society that is raising the bar for conscious living.

Chef Mark Reinfeld Highlights and Discusses:

  • His fundamental approach to teaching and how it empowers people to be creative and bring variety into their lives by mastering vegan cooking basics that anyone can learn.
  • The future of veganism and what that could look like for entrepreneurs and consumers alike!
  • Diversification and how helping many people in many ways helps us survive and thrive as entrepreneurs.

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