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Meet Jody Boyman; Co-Founder & CPO (Chief Purpose Officer) of Hungry Planet.
Jody is an entrepreneur and life-long advocate for sustainable food practices, healthy eating, and animal welfare. As Co-Founder & Chief Purpose Officer of Hungry Planet, she has brought to market the first full range of chef-crafted plant-based meats with her brother Todd, Hungry Planet’s CEO. Jody has developed strategic client relationships resulting in Hungry Planet being readily available in a wide range of venues, groceries, geographies, and cuisines. You’ll fill your appetite with this inspiring Hungry Planet journey shared by Jody! 

Hungry Planet Co-Founder & CPO Jody highlights and discusses: 

  • Working alongside her brother/CEO to create a platform for positive change while eating healthy foods, while sticking to core beliefs that can positively impact the world.
  • Being born an animal lover and how she always viewed animals as friends further  shaped her 45 years of being vegan,
  • The critical importance of staying true to their deepest values thru 3 pillars;
    * environmental impact
    * health & wellness
    * welfare of animal rights

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