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Growing a vegan wine business with Frances Gonzalez

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We are delighted to welcome Frances Gonzalez, the founder of Vegan Wines, to our podcast. Frances’ dedication to raising awareness about vegan wines and her entrepreneurial journey is inspiring and eye-opening. After discovering the use of animal products in the winemaking process, Frances set out to educate people about vegan wines and founded Vegan Wines in 2017. With a solid commitment to sourcing high-quality vegan wines, she has played an essential role in bringing these products to the forefront of the wine industry.

With no formal education in wine, Frances’ knowledge comes from visiting vineyards and learning directly from winemakers and farmers. Her determination to make a difference in the vegan community has led to the success of Vegan Wines, which now offers a diverse portfolio of red, white, and sparkling wines worldwide. Join us as Frances shares her fascinating journey, challenges, and vision for the future of Vegan Wines.

Frances Gonzalez’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The inspiration behind founding Vegan Wines and her mission to educate people about vegan wines.
  • Challenges faced in starting the business, including sourcing wines that met the company’s criteria for both quality and vegan standards.
  • The importance of knowing where a product comes from, especially in the conscious or vegan space.
    ● Learning about winemaking directly from vineyards and winemakers, ensuring that the wines sourced are high-quality and vegan.
  • The growth and success of Vegan Wines, with a diverse portfolio and partnerships with restaurants and wine shops.
  • The future of Vegan Wines and the continued effort to raise awareness and promote vegan wines in the industry.

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