From selling at local farmer's markets to distributing via e-commerce platforms with Dean Ernst

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We are immensely excited to introduce our guest for today, Dean Ernst, the co-founder of Essential Candy. Dean and his wife, Tracy, embarked on a unique entrepreneurial journey with a mission to provide comfort to individuals grappling with chemotherapy side effects. Essential Candy specializes in producing hard candies infused with unique blends of plant extracts, crafted carefully by Tracy, who boasts a culinary background and extensive knowledge in holistic living.

From selling at local farmer’s markets to distributing via e-commerce platforms and direct-to-business channels, Essential Candy’s growth story is as intriguing as its cause.

Dean Ernst’s Discussion Highlights:

  • The inspiration and journey behind Essential Candy’s inception and mission to aid individuals dealing with chemotherapy side effects.
  • The challenges encountered in the food industry without prior experience, including understanding the regulations, sourcing materials, and finding reliable partners.
  • The evolution of Essential Candy from local farmers’ markets to popular e-commerce platforms and their strategies for expansion to national retailers.
  • The importance of timing in business decisions and learning to manage growth effectively to ensure reliable fulfillment of orders.

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