From pilot to vegan fast food chain with Marty Krutolow

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Meet Marty Krutolow; Owner of Marty’s V Burger. 

For more than three decades, Marty Krutolow was a commercial and charter pilot. Having been vegan for many years, he truly became tired of zero vegan fast food options in airports during his travels. He set out to change this pattern and decided to do something about it.  

10 years in the making and with the help of food industry experts became the birth of Marty’s V Burger in Manhattan, boasting a unique vegan patty made with seitan, rice, and beans.

This podcast will indeed fill your vegan fast food craving for your fast-paced lifestyle! 

Marty’s V Burger Owner Marty Krutolow highlights and discusses: 

  • How a simple concept of opening a vegan business is truly how vegans will find you….build it and they will come! 
  • The importance of testing the burger was pivotal in both trial and attendance at pop-up locations, food festivals, and winter markets. 

How they addressed the biggest challenge of getting non-vegans in the door to try their first bite plus the further challenges of how to properly project your costs. 

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