Forty-Five Employee vegan catering company with Laura T Ross

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 With great pleasure, we welcome Laura T Ross, co-founder of Cleveland Vegan, to our platform today. Ross is a true inspiration in the vegan food industry, having built a thriving business in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband and business partner. With a social work and yoga background, Ross brings a unique perspective to the world of plant-based cuisine, emphasizing the nutritional benefits of veganism and its ethical and environmental impact.

Ross has been an integral part of the plant-based movement, gaining momentum worldwide in recent years. With her restaurant serving as a beacon of veganism in the Midwest, Ross has provided her customers with delicious and healthy plant-based meals that align with their values.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Laura T Ross’s journey from a social worker and yoga teacher to co-founder of Cleveland Vegan
  • How Ross and her husband started their vegan catering company and quickly grew it into a successful restaurant business
  • The challenges of being a business owner and a mother of three and how Ross manages her team of 45 employees
  • The importance of healthy and sustainable food choices and the growing demand for vegan food in the plant-based movement.

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