Featuring the Sauce Boss herself: Kailey Gilchrist

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In this episode, we dive deep into all things business with the Sauce Boss herself, Kailey Gilchrist. Since 2013 she has been sharing her love of food, starting her enterprise in Ontario, Canada, and later expanding both into the west coast and then the United States.

The initial spark for NONA came from her late Italian mama who had a real gift for cooking. Kailey believes in inclusive family dinners where everyone can enjoy a delicious meal together, no matter the dietary restrictions.

NONA Vegan CEO & Entrepreneur Kailey Gilchrist highlights and discusses:

  • Learning the many skillsets of a budding entrepreneur and understanding the necessity of becoming a generalist.
  • The patient and persistent path of success. Growing as a leader and business owner over time.
  • Power in vulnerability! How our authenticity helps us to build our brand.

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