Explore Greek food with a Vegan Twist: Pelagia Komni

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Have you ever wanted to explore Greek food with a vegan twist?

Welcome Pelagia Komni, a vegan lifestyle coach, trained vegan Chef, and the Co-Founder of Greek Appetite; a blog about Greece & Veganism. She offers private coaching to help vegan foodies create balanced vegan meals, introduce variety in their weekly meals and supports newbies & curious foodies who want to experiment with easy, quick, and delicious plant-based recipes for health, wellness, or other reasons.

Alongside her sister, Mary, they have created a community of over 5,200 foodies across social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).who are interested in discovering and enjoying the vegan lifestyle with a Greek twist. Their cookbook “Eat Like A Greek Vegan” provides authentic Greek vegan/veganized recipes, which are colorful, mostly plant-based, and healthy!

Greek Appetite CEO and Founder highlights and discusses:

  • Helping people go Vegan with a Greek element and an emphasis on health.
  • Building strong relationships through networking to build a successful brand.
  • The trials and successes of starting a coaching and nutrition program in the vegan space.

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