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We are delighted to welcome our guest today, Nia Seney, a graphic designer turned vegan entrepreneur who has made significant strides in promoting veganism in Canada and beyond. Nia embarked on her vegan journey over a decade ago, leveraging her skills to assist vegan companies and sanctuaries before venturing into her own creative products. She co-founded Global Vegan Magazine, which started as BC Vegan and later expanded to Global Vegan Magazine, gaining international attention and support from high-profile personalities like Pamela Anderson.

Driven by a vision to reach a global audience, Nia and her team have made the magazine available online and plan to translate it into multiple languages. She also aims to expand beyond print and delve into other forms of media, such as YouTube channels and podcasts. As she navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship, Nia embraces every mistake as a learning opportunity and encourages others to do the same. Join us as Nia shares her inspiring journey and her plans for the future of Global Vegan Magazine.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Nia’s journey from being a freelance graphic designer to co-founding a vegan magazine in Canada.
  • The evolution of the vegan magazine from BC Vegan to Canadian Vegan, gaining international attention and support.
  • Nia’s experiences of partnering with high-profile personalities like Pamela Anderson and facing changes in the team dynamics.
  • The plans for Global Vegan Magazine to expand into other forms of media and to be translated into multiple languages for a global readership.

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