Evolution of Bush Plant-Based Foods with Connie Marples

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We are thrilled to introduce Connie Marples, the founder of Bush Plant-Based Foods, as our guest today. Connie’s passion for healthy and nutritious food and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create a thriving business in the food industry. Bush Plant-Based Foods offers plant-based, nutritious, and delicious meal options to its customers, and its products are now available in grocery stores throughout British Columbia.

Connie’s journey began with a small home delivery service in the South Surrey White Rock area, and since then, her business has grown tremendously. She has overcome many challenges in the highly competitive food industry, and her company’s success is a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to her vision. Today, she joins us to share her insights and experiences on building a successful plant-based food business, the challenges of being in the e-commerce platform, and her company’s plans for the future.

Discussion highlights:

  • The creation and evolution of Bush Plant-Based Foods and its mission to provide healthier, plant-based meal options.
  • The challenges of the e-commerce platform for shelf-stable snacks, drinks, and CBD products.
  • The importance of expansion and reaching more customers through online marketing and brick-and-mortar stores.
  • The significance of education and storytelling in promoting the unique, elevated nature of Bush Plant-Based Foods products.

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