empowerment and business redefine what it means to be vegan with Jennifer Stojkovic

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Want to learn fast on how to get educated and get involved in the Vegan Community?!

Meet Jennifer Stojkovic; a food-tech leader, founder of Vegan Women Summit (VWS), and author of The Future of Food is Female.

In 2020, Jennifer founded Vegan Women Summit (VWS), a global media and events platform focused on empowering women to build a kinder, more sustainable world. It’s growing immensely, building community, and making a HUGE positive impact globally!

Vegan Women Summit Founder Jennifer Stojkovic highlights and discusses:

  • Advocacy for humanity of all aspects to include humans, animal, and the planet while evolving along the way.
  • How the Vegan Women Summit is truly for everyone and how even men plus non-vegans can be involved in the vegan space.
  • How personal choice, empowerment, investment, and business redefine what it means to be vegan.

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