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We are delighted to introduce Laura Crotty, a stay-at-home mom, culinary writer, and plant-based product developer. Laura’s journey in the culinary world began with her battle with a severe eating disorder while studying at NYU in New York City. She discovered the healing power of food and plant-based eating, which helped her overcome her issues and opened a new world of food.

Today, Laura is a well-known culinary writer who shares her passion for plant-based foods through her writing and product development. She has developed an all-natural scrambled egg alternative for a company in India and has written a cookbook for plant-based desserts, which has been published. Her focus on wholesome, plant-based foods reflects her personal experience and philosophy. She believes in the importance of cooking simple, healthy meals for your family and the healing power of food.

Discussion Highlights:

  • Laura’s journey of overcoming an eating disorder and discovering the healing power of plant-based eating.
  • Laura’s approach to plant-based product development and her work on developing an all-natural scrambled egg alternative for a company in India.
    Laura’s philosophy on cooking simple, wholesome meals for your family.
  • The publication of Laura’s cookbook for plant-based desserts and her experience as a culinary writer.

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