Combining family, culture and community with Rushd Khan

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Meet Rushd; Founder of Barakah Eats- a family owned and operated business based in Surrey, BC. The company manufactures frozen, gourmet, South Asian influenced, ready to eat meals that can be warmed up in minutes. The product line includes vegan and gluten free options, with spice levels ranging from mild to hot for the whole family to enjoy. Combining family, culture, and community is what makes this unique family story a wonderful journey you won’t want to miss!

Barakah Eats Founder Rushd Khan highlights and discusses:

  • How family, permits, labelling, regulations, and customers all lined up to create a successful business.
  • The evolution of the family business; growing from one restaurant to three, to a catering truck, and to an eventual production facility.
  • How attending Farmer’s Markets and Expo events were pivotal to meeting the demands of both the consumer and the community.

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